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January 18, 2010

Bruce vs. Frankenstein (My Name is Bruce 2) is a GO! Now What?

If you've been living outside a cave for the last hour or two, you probably don't know that Bruce Campbell has announced that production on Bruce vs. Frankenstein, a sequel to My Name is Bruce (review here) will begin this Fall! Now that that's been said, there's plenty of speculating to be done. With no delay, I present to you the 6 Biggest Questions The Mike has about Bruce vs. Frankenstein!

6. My Name is Bruce had a budget of peanuts and was shot primarily on Campbell's own property. Should we expect anything different this time?
My first guess on this one is NO. Though I'm sure the first film turned a heavy profit on DVD, I don't expect this one will get much backing from anyone. Plus, Campbell states the film will be shot in Oregon - which is where his property that the first film was shot on resides.

5. Should we expect any bigger names in the horror community to show up for the sequel?
Despite the first film featuring many folks from Campbell's work in the Evil Dead trilogy, the supporting cast didn't seem to know how to match the cheese of the star. Again, the budget will determine this answer. I'm sure we're not in for any Brad Pitts or George Clooneys joining this one, but we know Robert Englund likes work in the genre on the cheap, right? Wouldn't he be a great Dr. Frankenstein to match wits with Bruce?

4. Why doesn't George Clooney come home to the horror genre?
Come on, George. You can do better than Return of the Killer Tomatoes and Return to Horror High, even if something the quality of From Dusk Till Dawn is probably still out of reach. You've adapted from "TV doctor" to "superstar in Cary Grant suits", why not come back and ham it up with Bruce? Ah, The Mike can dream.

3. Who plays the monster, and how will he be portrayed?
My biggest concern with any adaptation of the Frankenstein story is the monster. Will we get a creature that's like the book's desperate-yet-adaptable-and-sympathetic creation? Or will it be a Karloff-esque imposing invalid? Either approach can work, but also can fail miserably. My random pick to play either kind of Franky Monster? The guy from Sherlock Holmes who used to be WWF's Kurrgan. Or, if we're going smarter, Clancy Brown who used to be Highlander's Kurrgan. Either way, Kurrgans work for this role.

2. Where will the plot go? How can a title like Bruce vs. Frankenstein meet the dreamy nightmares floating around in The Mike's head?
When it comes to the actual film, this is the biggest question in my mind. Are we saying Bruce has to face the monster or the doctor? Maybe Doc Frank wants to reanimate a corpse and give it the monster-ready mind of Ashley J. Williams himself? Maybe he's created a monster he never dreamed of, and thinks only Bruce Campbell can defeat it? Maybe Bruce meets a Doc Frankenstein who has not only a monster, but a Delorean that can transport Bruce back to Victorian times for a mere 1.21 Jigawatts? Seriously, I could ponder this one all day and not come up with a disappointing answer. Can the movie do the same?

1. Will the movie actually happen?
Seriously, how long have we been hearing about Bubba Nosferatu coming soon? Is Bruce just giving us false hope? For the sake of humanity, or at least for the sake of horror fans in all galaxies, I hope not.

That's all the questions I can get down before my brain explodes, but I'm sure I'll be pondering this one and eagerly anticipating any news as we go forward with 2010. If you've got questions, or better yet answers, hit up the comments below. If you're Bruce Campbell, you rock...and give me a call. You can make this one work, and I'm willing to help.

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