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December 6, 2010

The Midnight Warriors Know Their Mothers of Horror!

When I decided to cover a less than iconic film as my Mothers of Horror choice, I did so with faith that the Midnight Warriors would come through with some amazing picks that would make up for my decided lack of awesomeness.  And boy howdy, they did.  With no further rambling, here's what they put together!
First up is the tubular Emily from the equally tubular Without Obsession Life Is Nothing.  Emily takes a moment to remind us of one of the most horrifying mothers to ever grace the screen, who was also one of the greatest mothers to ever star on the silver screen.  That's right, she's got a look at Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest!
Next up is another return Midnight Warrior, Trick or Treat Pete/Petunia Scareum of Deadly Serious.  She takes a look at one of the all-time battles between mothers, one of the biggest slobberknockers on land or in space!  It's the Alien Queen vs. Ellen Ripley in Aliens, and you'll be surprised to see where Pete's allegiance is!
Morgan from The Kid in The Hall is back again for Midnight Warrior duties, and she's got a wicked cool list of Mothers of Horror who might not be the best role models.  But, she talks about Scream 2, and that's more than enough to get The Mike to send many waves of awesomeness in her direction!  And she honors her own awesome mother, too!
Rumors abound that she owes someone a Coke, but that doesn't stop friend of FMWL Jinx of Totally Jinxed from being a true Midnight Warrior.  She's got an awesome gallery of Mothers of Horror for your perusal!  (I will admit that it's quite hard for me to move past staring at Margot Kidder...but that's probably just me.  You all should go peruse anyway, and not just because I love saying peruse.)  And she honors her mother of justice as well!
Emily C. of The Quest to Each Every Movie Ever is another loyal return Midnight Warrior!  She's got a wicked Top 10 Mothers in Horror that includes plenty of mothers I considered writing about, particularly the bodacious Stevie Wayne from The Fog as played by Adrienne Barbeau!  And of course there's Poltergeist's Jo Beth Williams, as pictured above...whose house may or may not be clear.
Last, but not least, to the party is a new Midnight Warrior who's totally my homeboy (true story; we lived together once upon a time.)  He's Jason of, and he chose to honor some cool Mothers of Horror despite his horror resignations.  His choice of Dark Water kind of made me do one of those "AWWW, THAT'S SO GOOD! I SHOULDA PICKED THAT!" things; so go check it out and tell him he doesn't suck at horror.
On behalf of myself, on behalf of From Midnight, With Love, and on behalf of The Masha: I say thanks to you, Midnight Warriors.  You've done Mothers of Horror proud, and I look forward to our next Midnight Warrior excursion!
*Actual Road Warriors not included.


Jinx said...

Damn fine work there, captain. Looking forward to reading all these. Loved this topic. Cokes for everyone!

Enbrethiliel said...


The Mike: I really wanted to join this month, but real life got totally crazy. But I look forward to reading the posts of those who made it!

PS--If I haven't already said it, let me tell you that this is a lovely tribute to The Masha!

Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

Can I induct myself as an official Midnight Warrior or is there some sort of initiation? Am I cool enough to call myself one?

The Mike said...

Thanks all!

Jinx - Couldn't do it without the faithful folks like yourself. Many thanks for participating, and for Margot Kidder!

E - No worries, life has a way of messing up these things. You're still a fine example of Midnight Warrior awesomeness!

Girl - Normally the only thing that one has to do is to be awesome; all are welcome to join in our Midnight Warrior games! I say you fit the bill!

And if you want to post on this topic still, please feel free to! I'll drop more links later if people have 'em.

Hey! Look Behind You! said...

I'm super sad I didn't get a chance to take a crack at this because of stupid computer problems. I'll be ready to go on the next Warrior topic fo sho!

Great post though :)

The Masha said...

Great work Warriors. The Masha is honored, I think. She is also cancer free and may be radioactive by Christmas. And you can only imagine what happens when a mother becomes radioactive and has to eat her mother's ice cream cake (which she really hates) on Christmas night...

Morgan said...

I had a great time writing my list and I loved reading all the other Midnight Warriors' picks as well. Well done, sir.

I'm also so glad that The Masha is doing much better and I totally dig that pic of the Road Warriors!

Box Office Boredom said...

Thanks for the shout out. I was honored to become a midnight warrior this month. I'm glad to hear that the Masha is doing well and is no radioactive. Your Masha's one step away from super hero or super villain.

I loved how you pointed out I'm no horror geek to your readers. I couldn't agree more. After all, how do you call someone a horror geek who tries to use ORPHAN as an example!

Now onto the question for the warriors that I have unanswered? Are all moms in horror in some way shape or form EVIL? Or at least inviting of evil into their homes?
It may be a silly question, but I'm no horror geek. School me horror fanatics!

Keep up the good work Mike.

Anonymous said...

I loved doing this! Way too much fun!!
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum