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December 24, 2010

FMWL's 12 Midnights of Christmas: 2 Christmas Road Trips (by Hey! Look Behind You's Nicki!)

One of the first bloggers to support FMWL back when The Mike was just cutting his teeth in the blogosphere was Nicki of Hey! Look Behind You.  A loyal Midnight Warrior from day one, Nicki offers up plenty of quick-witted, fun posts over at her site, not to mention sharing those FilmWise challenges that I stare at for hours a week.  Now, with a drive home through a snow storm staring at me tomorrow, Nicki joins our 12 Midnights of Christmas festivities with a chilling double dose of highway horror!  (Why can't The Mike get stuck in a blizzard with Emily Blunt?)

FMWL's 12 Midnights of Christmas presents: 2 Christmas Road Trips!
By Nicki of Hey! Look Behind You

When the awesome The Mike asked me to join in his 12 Midnights of Christmas festivities, I thought "Totally awesome...but what should I do?" Then being all awesome The Mike made a suggestion that maybe I should do a double feature. And so I did! 

Road trips are a mixed bag of fun and frustrations. There are the moments where everyone is getting along, maybe even singing and then there are those other moments when you just want to open the car door and kick someone out. 

For this haunted Christmas road trip double feature, people brave the open road to be with family for the holidays. With no Google map instructions, GPS or even a compass, they all cross paths with the supernatural. 

Dead End

On the annual family road trip to the in-laws for Christmas, Frank Harrington decides that this year he’s going to do something different… he’s going to take a short cut!

Yes, we all know this is always a great idea in theory but surprise, it doesn’t quite work out for the Harrington family. Frank, his wife, son, daughter and her boyfriend come across a lady on the side of road carrying a baby. She seems to be shook up and traumatized but they soon learn that she’s a ggggghost! 

The family find themselves lost on an endless road, surrounded by the creepiness of the woods. They don’t let being lost, late and scared interfere with the age old road trip tradition of auguring about their family issues.

The fighting pauses after the boyfriend is kidnapped by an eerie hearse. The family tries to chase after the hearse but then they find the boyfriend’s dead, mutilated body tossed by the side of the road. Shit officially gets real when the family realize that they might not get through the night alive. 

Dead End journeys down a road of the family Christmas road trip experience with the added spirit of ghosts and gore.

Wind Chill

College students (only know as “boy” and “girl”) share a ride to Denver to visit their family during Christmas break. The boy has always had a thing for the girl meanwhile she barely knew that he existed. The boy wants to clock in more face time to get to know the girl more so he decides to take the “scenic route.” Again, never a good idea because this specific route is haunted by people who were killed there in the past. 

During the long stretch of unknown road, the couple are run off the road leaving the car damaged and them stuck in the cold with no food or cell service. 

They think they are saved when a cop comes by to check on them but not only is he totally psycho but he’s also a…gggghost! The boy and girl find themselves trapped in a murderous time loop trying to battle the cold and the killer cop. 

The crazed cop isn’t the only problem in this road detour nightmare, the boy doesn’t let on that he was seriously injured from the crash and maybe slowly dying if they don’t get help soon. 

Wind Chill is another fight to survive the night with the dropping temperatures and ghosts with nothing else better to do than to hassle people. 

So folks, when it comes to traveling for Christmas, pack a lot of snacks, video game/reading entertainment and as tempting as those short cuts seem, well, you want to be alive to open your presents don’t you? Yes, me too. The test of endurance is well worth it.

Happy Holidays!
Many thanks to Nicki for joining in on this Christmas Eve, as FMWL's 12 Midnights of Christmas rolls to a close!  Head on over to Hey! Look Behind You for more from her, and come on back tomorrow for the grand finale!

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Fred [The Wolf] said...

Not a big fan of WIND CHILL, but DEAD END was okay from what I remember. Great post as always!