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December 18, 2010

FMWL's 12 Midnights of Christmas: 8 Kids-A-Creeping (By The Quest to Watch Every Movie Ever's Emily C!)

One of the most ambitious and knowledgeable bloggers I've come across is Emily C. of The Quest to Watch Every Movie Ever.  If you need a reason why, just look at the name of her site - she wants to watch freakin' EVERYTHING!  In the immortal words of B.A. Barracus, "She crazy, Murdock!"  But in a really good way; because her gleeful admiration of all kinds of cinema - especially horror, of course - is terribly infectious.  

That said, I'm incredibly honored to have Emily on board for FMWL's 12 Midnights of Christmas celebration.  She's put together a rockin' list as we count down to midnight on the 25th, so let's get at it!

FMWL's 12 Midnights of Christmas presents: 8 Kids A-Creeping
By Emily C. of The Quest to Watch Every Movie Ever

There are few things in horror films that bring me more joy than super-creepy kids. Maybe it’s because traditionally children are supposed to be innocents, and thus, when they are evil, it delivers more of an impact. Maybe it’s because kids can so easily make themselves seem cute, thus cutting through your defenses and in the process becoming a more dangerous weapon. Whatever the case, creepy kids are the bomb, and so in the spirit of Christmas, here are eight creepy kids, the likes of which will hopefully fill you with the Christmas spirit… if they don’t kill you first.

Gage in Pet Semetary

Clearly one of the cutest kids to grace the movies, but a lethal little fella too, Gage was the product of a devastated father who just couldn’t let go of his dead son, and so did the logical thing, which was to bury him in an old Indian burial ground, rumored to bring the dead back to life. As he wields his deadly scalpel, you still can’t help bust say “Aww” when Gage speaks, even as he’s coming after you with murder in his eyes.

Samara in The Ring

Samara was evil in life, and in death is now even more lethal. Just the fact that she can project strange nightmarish images on a videotape which when watched kills you is scary enough, but to actually have her be able to project herself into the television, and then crawl out of it to kill you is blood-curdling.

Damien in The Omen

Being the Antichrist is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it, and Damien’s just the kid for the job. Beware getting in the way of his master plan though, or you will die a shocking and painful death (even if he doesn’t necessarily know he is causing the deaths). His evil, penetrating stare is one of the most menacing ones out there.

The children of the corn in The Children of the Corn

These crazy corn worshiping children are some of the most chilling out there, with their banning of anything that isn’t corn-worship related- even innocent music and board games, the massacre of their parents, and their capture of any outlanders. Malachai is just a miserable and awful kid, but Isaac creeps me out the most, with his preaching, and raspy voice, and piercing eyes.

Miles and Flora in The Innocents

While they may or may not actually be evil in this film, there is not doubt that Miles and Flora are some creepy kids. They seem innocent, and sweet, but their “pranks” and nighttime excursions, and secrets that they keep, are enough to make you wonder whether Miss Giddens is right in her suspicions about them. Are they being possessed by the dead employees or are they only innocent children?

Rhoda Penmark in The Bad Seed

On the surface she seems like the perfect child- prim and proper and well spoken, but lurking underneath is a conniving, malicious, and murderous psychopath. She won’t settle for less than getting her way all the time, and if that means a few people have to die, so be it.

The children in Village of the Damned

While easy to pick out in a lineup, the strange children in the village of Midwich are not easy to stop, especially since they can cause others to do their will, which often is committing suicide. Their odd appearance- platinum blonde hair and piercing eyes, their extreme intelligence, their telepathic ability, and their cold and unfeeling nature, makes them incredibly sinister.

The children in Who Can Kill A Child?

Like the children in Children of the Corn, the children on a small island off the coast of Spain have decided to kill off all the adults on their island, but for an even creepier reason than religion. These children seem to have undergone some type of mutation, or caught a virus, that has made them decide that all adults need to die, as adults have caused major problems in the world- war, famine, etc. They can transfer this mutation to other children just by staring at them…. And they don’t want to be confined to their island, but rather want to spread throughout the world.

Thanks again to Emily C. for joining our late night Christmas party, and for reminding me that I still need to see Children of the Corn.  (I know, I'm from Iowa, and I haven't seen a movie about corn.)  Head on over to The Quest to Watch Every Movie Ever to follow her epic quest; I'm sure you'll enjoy following her cinematic journey!


Kidsis said...

Great post!!!

Emily said...

Thank you so much for the kind words The Mike, and thanks for having me participate!! I'm loving all the contributions so far!

Glad you liked it Kid Sis :)

Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

Dude, you've never seen Children of the Corn?! And you call yourself a horror fan.

Okay, maybe it's not THAT vital, but you do need to see it.

I'm loving this series! Can't wait to read more. Great post, Emily C!

Jinx said...

Brilliant post! Boy, those kids are scary. Thanks, Emily, that was great.

The Mike said...

Thanks again, Emily! This list rocked well!

And GirlWhoLovesHorror, I totally am shamed by it. There's a copy of it somewhere in my apartment I've been meaning to watch, will be digging it up soon.

Liam Underwood said...

Mannnn, I haven't seen the majority of these. I need to fix that pronto. If this countdown is doing anything, it's giving me a frightfully decent list of films to watch!

Fred [The Wolf] said...

Man, I love all of these choices. And I agree about Gage. He was so darn cute, even when he was swiping away with that scalpel. "No fair. No fair." - Gets me everytime.

And yeah Mike, CHILDREN OF THE CORN ain't all that. As a horror fan, you should give it at least a watch. But it's not really mandatory viewing.