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April 26, 2010

More Midnight Warriors Stand Tall!

OK, so last week the invitation was made, and tonight the party is finalized (for now, at least)! Several have already responded, and I gave my pick - which is pictured above - too. Now, more readers and bloggers have answered the question:

You've been given the opportunity to host a midnight showing of any genre/cult film you want, and are sure to have a great crowd of like-minded fans who will join in. What's the one movie you're going to pick, and why?

Everyone caught up? Cool beans.

First up is Brandon Sites of Big Daddy Horror Reviews which is not, despite Kick-Ass, a Nic Cage fansite. That's OK, because Brandon knows his stuff. Like so:

If I was to pick one film to show at a midnight screening I would pick Night Warning, aka Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker. I think my review of the film perfectly sums up exactly why I love the film, but I would also choose the film to show at a midnight screening because of how relevant the film is to what is going on now in current events (the film was so far ahead of it's time) and plus because it would definitely get people talking and pondering over the film.

Next, we have my good friend R.D. Penning from over at Dead-End Drive In, the only Iowan who's seen more horror movies than I have! He has this to say:

If I were about to host a midnight showing of any movie with like-minded people, I would probably choose Cutting Class from 1989. It is one of my favorite underrated slasher/whodunit flicks, and I think it would just be fun to watch it with a large crowd, with people cheering and clapping whenever someone is killed. It's always fun watching Brad Pitt in only his second feature film ever; not to mention that the movie is just as scary as his current facial hair! I just think it might not be a movie that alot of people have seen, and I think they would enjoy it. You did say like-minded, so I'd want to pick one a little under the radar and not exactly the most known cult hit! I think it would be amazing!

Carl Manes, of I Like Horror Movies and Horror Blogger Alliance fame is our next warrior, and he's picked a film that goes straight for my heart - through the ribcage, of course!

THE BLOB (1988): What better popcorn movie could there possibly be for a crowd full of cheering fans? THE BLOB is quintessential 1980s horror viewing, and a film that all fans should be intimately acquainted with. It is also a film that can be enjoyed even if the guy behind you is laughing too loud, if half of the audience is quoting the lines, or if you have to make the obligatory run to the bathroom after your third soda. With enough laughs, chills, and incredible make-up and special FX, there isn't a horror fan among us that wouldn't have a blast. And while everyone is there, why not put on a theater run-out recreation of the famous scene from the classic 50s original like they have been doing for years over at Blobfest? THE BLOB is just an all-around good time for all age groups, and gets my solid vote!

(Ahhh, this post can now get my elusive "AWESOME BLOBNESS" label...good work, Carl!)

Our final emailed response comes from JBourgeois, who lists no site or affiliation. Though we don't know her at FMWL yet, we're happy to meet her!

Evil Dead 2 - No other choice there. In my post-high school, "pre-real life" times, my roommate and I would watch this movie daily. Any guy who we dated was immediately made to watch this movie, and if he didn't get it-he didn't get it (wink). Bruce Campbell is a superstar and this film has the best mounted deer head laughing at you scene ever!

Also offering up answers in posts at their own blogs are:

The always cool Joe O'Connor of OductionProduction's Midnight Time Warp (if you're going there, start with a jump to the left) has chosen George Romero's classic sequel, Dawn of the Dead!

And, last but not least, The Groundskeeper over at In the Garden of the Death Orchids, has offered up a fantastic tribute to Roger Vadim's Blood and Roses!

Once again, a huge thank you to all of you who've contributed to this first round of Midnight Warrior posts! Without you, I'd be talking about something boring like Twilight. (OK, not that.)

Look out for future Midnight Warrior queries in the future, and in the meantime keep your eyes to the skies! There just might be a Midnight Warrior watching over YOU!


oducerproducer said...

My name is Joe & i am always cool. Seriously though, this was a cool concept, midnight movies are the best!

Morgan said...

All great choices! Cutting Class is very underrated.

R.D. Penning said...

hell yeah Mike! more horror movies than you? haha, thanks for lying to everyone on my behalf. You probably own more horror movies than I have seen, haha. But then again you own a couple thousand of them, haha. Great concept man, I loved it.

Jinx said...

More great choices! I'm going to be so busy tracking down films now. This has been so much fun, Mike, interesting and super fun. Thank you.

Enbrethiliel said...


I'd definitely show up to a viewing of Cutting Class! =)

This has been great, Mike! I can't wait for the next topic.

Zach S. said...

save room on the funny pages for me! the hits are coming your way....