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April 22, 2010

In Defense Of.... Halloween III: SotW (Audio Commentary!)

A few weeks ago, I mentioned my desire to host horror showings, or at the least do some commentary tracks. Since I'm off work for a while, and feeling lucky, I've recently recorded my first commentary track. The film I chose for this dubious honor? None less than Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

Now, I know what you're thinking - "Hey, The Mike, Halloween III sucks, you really expect us to watch it AGAIN?". And you have a an extent. I picked Halloween III for a couple of reasons. First, I know the Halloween series better than I know most any films; and second, because I've always felt the third film gets a bad rap based on not being a Michael Myers movie.

Thus, I've recorded the following audio commentary as a sort of "test run" for myself. There are a few lulls (I didn't really think you want to hear me for every second of the movie), and I made a horrible mistake in the final minutes, saying Nightmare on Elm Street when I meant to say Friday the 13th. It was late, my bad.

I also found myself having a hard time defending the movie in many scenes, so consider this a poorly conceived In Defense Of.... post. However, I do still think Halloween III is worth further thought, and if you want to know who has off-screen cameos in the film and which "Master of Horror" was originally slated to direct it, you can find out in this commentary!

OK, all that's said. If you want it, go here. You can listen to it streaming, or download it and cherish it for ever. Or not.

Any comments from those brave enough to give it a go are more than welcome. This is my first attempt at a commentary, so I'm definitely looking to use it as a learning experience as I go forward.

Happy viewings, and sorry for singing.


Scare Sarah said...

I LOVE this idea! Gonna have a listen......

Emily said...

I'll definitely have to listen to your commentary on this.

This is a movie that I HATED the first time I saw it when I was 10ish due to the lack of Michael Myers, and then when I re-watched it a couple of years ago I actually found myself enjoying. It seems that watching it already knowing that it had nothing to do with Michael Myers made all the difference!

Anonymous said...

Great review. It's the only Halloween sequel that was any good!

Anonymous said...

I stopped listening once you demonstrated how thoroughly you misunderstood the simple device of the extreme closeup pixels assembling into a pumpkin. (The point: Enigma. --What are these pixels forming?)

You seem to have missed that this was a montage of extreme, fragmentary closeups of a video monitor which in time will broadcast Conal Cochran's apocalyptic TV signal, NOT the best "computer graphics" available at the time. A pretty shrewd credit sequence, actually.

I'd give your review, based on this slim sample, a one of five stars. Sorry. Although I too loved the idea going in, you needed more and better content in your commentary. Notes and a plan, rather than rambling, would be a great idea for anyone attempting this.