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April 25, 2010

All the cool kids are doing it? Then I'm a Midnight Warrior too!

What, y'all thought I wouldn't join my own barbecue?

For those finding this for the first time, or who haven't been reading this week, here's what's going on. I, The Mike, have offered the opportunity for anyone out there to contribute to FMWL by answering a simple(ish) question. Many have responded, and more responses will be posted after the deadline to respond, which is tomorrow, 4/26/10 @ 7pm CST. And what better way to issue a reminder than for me to offer my own answer to the question at hand?

You've been given the opportunity to host a midnight showing of any
genre/cult film you want, and are sure to have a great crowd of like-minded fans who will join in. What's the one movie you're going to pick, and why?

First of all, whoever thought of this question is cruel. And, considering the topic my blog aims to cover, it's kind of the million dollar question for me. Despite the fact I offer up a favorite Midnight Movie of the Week each week, I decided early in my process of searching for an answer that I probably hadn't listed the one movie I'd choose yet.

The first two movies that came to my mind while considering this were my favorite horror film, Halloween, and my personal monster-movie love, The Blob. But, soon after I started considering them, I changed my mind on both.In regard to Halloween, I've seen the movie on the big screen already. Plus, I wouldn't think it's the type of midnight showing that would rile up an audience, nor would I really want it too. This isn't a Friday the 13th type crappy slasher movie where you can just yell at the screen and not think, it's gosh darn Halloween. So I left that one behind.

The Blob, on the other hand, is something I'd love love love seeing, but that's Blobfest's thing. I'll leave that awesome to them, and join in one of these days.

I then went through several other loves, both serious (Psycho, The Shining, Close Encounters of the Third Kind) and ridiculous (Flash Gordon, C.H.U.D (because screaming BOSCH at the screen sounds like a blast), The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini). I considered Karloff (Frankenstein or Targets), Chaney, Jr. (Spider Baby), Chaney, Sr. (The Phantom of the Opera), and Price (Ummmm...anything...but if we're in dreamland I'll say a fully restored print of The Last Man on Earth). But my mind kept floating back to John Carpenter's films, which I've watched more than any director not named Hitchcock's. I was thisclose to naming Carpenter's super-cool quasi-remake of Rio Bravo, Assault on Precinct 13 my choice, but then I thought I needed something a little more in the horror/sci-fi vein, and remembered the movie I've usually called "the coolest movie ever made". Just like that, the image of a poster popped into my mind.Escape from New York. It's got an iconic antihero in Snake Plissken, and one of the most badass supporting casts of all-time. It's got a midnight feeling that's established by the night time setting of the film, and it's full of unique action scenes that would keep the audience fist-pumping and fist-bumping. I mean, who doesn't want to see Ox Baker vs. Kurt Russell on the big screen? Who doesn't want to join Donald Pleasence in proclaiming "You are the Duke of New York, A-Number One!"? I know I do.

From the moment Jamie Lee Curtis' opening narration begins to one of Carpenter's best gut punch endings, Escape from New York is the movie I'd most like to offer a late night tribute to. It may not be Carpenter's best film, but it's as cool as a sci-fi action movie, if not movie, can be. Plus, have you seen how low-cut Adrienne Barbeau's top is?

So, it's with great pleasure that I introduce myself as a Midnight Warrior, thanks to the badassery of John Carpenter, Snake Plissken, and everyone else involved in Escape from New York. If you want to join the Midnight Warrior party, it's not too late! Just answer the question above and email Until next time, happy viewings!


oducerproducer said...

Your theatre in Aimes plays midnight movies on a regular basis? Dundee in Omaha does too, i'm a call back king, they're so fun.

The Mike said...

Unfortunately, no. Back when I was in school and employed by the indie theater we did about five per semester and a couple in the summer, but attendance and audience behavior went bad. Now the theater's out of business, and we've got nothing.

Jinx said...

You're right, whoever came up with that question is cruel. Frankly I'd been up for any of your choices, but I'm thrilled you went for such a fun choice. I'll definitely be there in front row, trying to sneak a glimpse down Ms. Barbeau's top.

Enbrethiliel said...


Mike! What a great choice! =D

I'd show up for a screening any night!