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February 6, 2011

Midnight Warriors & Super Bowl Sunday Linky Stuff

I'm gonna be brief today, because I'm way past the point of calm.  By the time you read this, I'll be safely watching the Super Bowl with a large amount of people on site to restrain me.  If you never hear from me again, there's a great horror script to be written about my disease.  (Hint: The film ends with a madman in a strait jacket screaming "GO PACK GO!" in his final breaths.)
A few Midnight Warriors have been showing up at FMWL in the first week of Women in Horror Recognition month.  Among them are The lovely and devilish Jinx, of Totally Jinxed, who takes a look at some of the Bad Girls of Horror that she loves.  Speaking of girls and horror, The Girl Who Loves Horror has also started her own Women in Horror journey with a look the women of Stephen King fiction

I've also found some awesome Women in Horrorness going on at The Bleaux Leaux Reveaux, and am hearing rumors of some Women in Horror action coming soon to my favorite book blog, Shredded Cheddar.  (And no, it's not just my favorite because I'm a Cheesehead and there's cheese in the title.  It's because it's awesome.)
(Of course, there's always the official Women in Horror Month site and their Facebook page, where you can find awesome stuff too!)

And, if you missed it, my latest piece over at Flickchart: The Blog is up.  It's another in their "Movies To See Before You Die" series, and it features THIS FILM.

You know...THIS FILM:
Have a great day everyone!  If I'm not back by Thursday, send out the dogs!

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Enbrethiliel said...


You are too cool to link to me while all that "Women in Horror action" is still in draft form!

Still, I'm trying to give every Horror review I post this month a strong focus on its women characters, just so I live up to your link. =)