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February 21, 2011

The Best Thing To Hit England Since Fish & Chips? Dead Hooker in a Trunk is Crossing the Pond!

That's right, you crazy Midnight lovin' Brits!  One of FMWL's very favorite films of recent memory - the one that held down the #4 spot on The Mike's list of favorite genre films of 2010 - is coming YOUR WAY!
Here's the scoop:  On May 23rd, Bounty Films will release Dead Hooker in a Trunk on DVD all across the UK!  No details are available yet, but one thing is for sure - Any splatter-lovin' fan of subversive cinema is in for a real treat.
We'll have more news for you all as the day draws closer, but for now it's time to celebrate.  Go hug a furry hatted police officer or somethin', because Dead Hooker in a Trunk is on its way, and it "should make any lover of cult cinema proud".

EDIT: If you don't believe me, go hear it from the twins themselves!   Jen & Sylvia Soska, FMWL salutes you!

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