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June 15, 2010

A Midnight Warrior Speaks! Are you next?

By this point, I'm sure everyone out there who's reading this is contemplating their entry in this month's Midnight Warriors festivities. R.D. Penning, the horror-obsessed mind behind a blog called Dead End Drive-In, has already offered up his take on the question I've posed. Below, he lists 10 things that assure his happiness when it comes to what Lady Gaga calls the horror game.10. Adam Green - He has the ability to make amazing horror or thriller movies, like Frozen or Spiral, and makes them semi-relatable to normal people. He always brings something fresh to the plate, whether it be realistic scenarios or unbelievably fun hack and slash ode to the 80's like Hatchet.

9. French Horror and its ever rising greatness - I'll admit, I thought High Tension was absolutely horrible, but lately they have blown my mind with flicks like Martyrs, Inside, Ils, etc. I hope they keep up the good work!

8. Let The Right One In - Amidst a slew of diamond sparkling pansy vampires, there manages to be a vampire film that blows me away, and that can still give me chills. With this movie, I hope we see a rebirth in quality vampire movies.

7. The Independent Horror World - Through blogging, I found a whole other world filled with bad-ass filmmakers and actors that have a passion for horror that shows in their films. I've seen amazing films from Jeremiah Kipp (Contact, The Christmas Party), Bart Mastronardi (Vindication), Dominick Sivilli (Contact, Vindication), and an awesome trailer for Distortion from Richard Diaz. Not to mention great actors, including Deneen Melody, Kaylee Williams, Zoe Daelman Chalnda, Julin Jean, Roxy Vandiver, Allan Rowe Kelly (also a great director), plus the people I have personally worked with - Wes Worthing and Jenna Giovanni. There are so many awesome people working on awesome movies out there, and I love it!

6. The occasional movie that keeps the creature feature title alive - Cloverfield, The Host, Feast Trilogy. The creature features that are worth it are few and far between, but man I love it when a good one comes together. (That A-Team quote's just for you, Mike.)

5. SyFy Channel movies - Anyone who doesn't like SyFy Channel movies should be shot, haha. How could you not like Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, or Mega Pirahna, or Ice Spiders, or any movie Lance Henriksen is in these days? Every Saturday and Sunday, these movies make my world go round.

4. Horror Comic books - There used to be a time where I didn't watch many movies. I know, I know, hard to believe. When I wasn't watching movies I was reading good ol' fashion horror books. My time table for reading has gone down quite a bit these days, and so I turn to a short fix: horror comic books. They have come such a long way, and I am really starting to enjoy many of them. How could you not when you have stuff like Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash at your disposal?

3. Fellow bloggers - You guys frickin rock! There is nothing that gets me pumped more to see a movie than hearing about it from a fellow blogger. It is intense! Especially when you have opportunities like The Midnight Warriors!!!

2. Horror Conventions - While I don't make it to any of them, I wish I could. I have so many friends that do go, and the pictures they post make me jealous. I will make it to one one of these days. Just knowing there are so many other people out there who have a love for the genre makes me happy.

1. No matter what happens to me in life, I know that horror movies will always be there for me. They never leave. They never die. I don't have to feed them, even though they feed me. There is a type of horror movie for every mood that I am in.
All in all, there is no need to split it up into sub-genres, for I just LOVE Horror.

A big thanks to Mr. Penning for his enthusiastic (you all don't have to do a Top 10, by the way!) participation in this month's festivities! To the rest of you, don't forget to send your response (or a link to a posted response on your own blog, if that's your fancy) to the Midnight Warriors assignment
"What's guaranteed to make you happy when it comes to Horror, Genre, or Cult cinema?" to The Mike at by Monday June 21st!

Again, thanks to Mr. Penning, and to all The Midnight Warriors out there! I look forward to unleashing all your replies!

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Anonymous said...

The french and indie circuit have made some great movies lately!