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June 26, 2010

Three Horror Comics That Would Make Awesome TV Shows

(Note from The Mike: Today's post is from another newcomer to From Midnight, With Love; Dylan Duarte from They're a great site with a fun blog (seriously, it took me like 12 seconds to find The Blob referenced there; which equals awesomeness), and they're big fans of FMWL. With no further ado, here's Dylan's look at horror comics that he'd love to see on the small screen.)

With Frank Darabont's Television adaption of The Walking Dead shambling around the corner, it's peaked my interest in comics, horror, and television shows, especially when all three are combined. Here are three other horror comics that would make for awesome TV shows.
The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense
Sure, they've already made two Hellboy feature films, as well as a few animated ones, but to Hell with Hellboy. The organization in which he works for, the B.R.P.D., is very much deserving of its own television show. Everyone loves a good detective show (or even the not-so-good ones), as evidenced by the glut of them littering the small screen. B.R.P.D. would be like The X-Files, except instead of Mulder believing in aliens, he would be one. Hellboy is part of the team, so he would still show up, but the amphibious Abe Sapien would be front and center, getting a much bigger role.
Morbius: The Living Vampire
Dr. Michael Morbius was a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist who was dying from a rare blood disease. He whipped up an experimental cure involving vampire bats and electroshock therapy - I kid you not - that ended up turning him into something like a vampire rather than curing him. He doesn't possess all of the legendary vampire powers or weaknesses, but he's strong, fast, ugly, and needs human blood to survive.

Originally I wasn't going to list Morbius on here because a show of his own may be too similar to Angel, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off. But if done right, in a s
erious, scientific, and tragic fashion, Morbius could reach levels of depth that David Boreanaz could only dream of. It could follow Morbius as he tries to control his inner demons, resembling The Incredible Hulk more than Angel.
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange has been on the small screen several times in animated form and in a 1978 live-action TV-movie in which he looked more like a porn star than a badass sorcerer. Cast that image out of your mind's eye forever and imagine a dark, supernatural thriller in which Doctor Stephen Strange is some sort of spiritual detective, spending his days battling things not of this realm as he hunts down his arch-nemesis Baron Mordo. I'm certain something like it has been done before, but the fact that I can't think of any specific examples means that it's never been done right. The recent television adaptation The Dresden Files comes to mind, but Harry Dresden was a wizard who fought creatures like vampires and werewolves. I imagine Strange's foes to be much less corporeal.

Dylan Duarte is a horror buff and writer who writes about
Halloween costumes over at He can be reached at dylnduarte at

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Jose Cruz said...

All of those are great choices, Dylan! You really got me wishing that these will actually be made now. Especially seeing a paranormal investigator-esque series with Dr. Strange battling villains and black magic! Rock on!