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May 28, 2010

Help save The Commune!

I'm not usually one for plugs, but this is one of those times where what I'm plugging matters to me and this site. So please, read my plea.

Some of you may remember me reviewing an independent horror film called The Commune a couple of months ago. If not, here's my review of what I feel is a fine horror film that represents most of the good things that are missing from the horrors in today's multiplexes. To be fair, I did have some problems with the film, and am not telling you "this film will change horror forever!" (I'm only one dude, I don't have that authority). But I've been thinking about this film a lot since that viewing, and after having had a chance to learn more about the film and the fabulous director Elisabeth Fies via the joys of blogs and podcasts and social networking sites, I badly want to see this movie get a chance to get out there.

That's where YOU come in. What I'm asking is that any of you who use Netflix save the film to your queue. That's it. If a certain number of people save the film to their queue, Netflix will carry the film, and it will at least receive a fighting chance to make an impact on horror fans across the U.S.

This isn't one of those "Yeah right, if they need blokes like me to vote there's no chance" situations. The film is very, VERY close to hitting the mark which will get Netflix to pick it up. YOU can make a difference by adding it to your queue. It won't cost you anything you're not already paying, and it will afford the world a chance to see the film.

Horror fans spend so much time talking about how bad most of the horror films out there are - and this is an honest-to-goodness chance for us to use our voice and make a difference, even if it's only for one film. I strongly believe that The Commune is a film which should not simply disappear, and I urge anyone out there who cares about cinema - whether their focus is on horror, indies, or whatver Michael Bay has coming out next - to take one simple step to help this film out.

If you want to know more, or if you don't believe crazy ol' me, hit up the facebook page related to this cause and see what Elisabeth Fies herself has to say about the film's chances. You can also find more info on The Commune at its official website, and if you're really interested in the film and don't have Netflix, there are purchasing links there too.

I beg of each of you, the readers who have made a difference to my blog and I, please take a moment to make a difference for this film and its filmmakers. It just might make you proud someday.


Unknown said...

I added this to my queue even though I bought the movie. Seriously, as we all gripe about the Michael Bayification of horror, when we have the chance to give a terrific young film maker a break, do whatever you can to support indie horror.

The Mike said...

Indeed, Mike. I also own the DVD already, but threw it in the queue too. I'd take this one over most anything released in big theaters in recent years.