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December 13, 2011

Midnight Movies For Your Midnight Movie Lover's Christmas Stocking

(These also can be used for any other holidays or celebrations of equal or lesser value.)

If you're like me, you realize that the holidays are a time of joy, of happiness, and of rapture.  But they're also a time of boosting your movie collection.  And that's what I'm here to talk about today.  Here's a bunch of goodies - which were chosen from either my own collection or my own Christmas wish list - of stuff I might recommend as movie gifts for the nice (not naughty, because those fools done got themselves in trouble with the big man) horror and genre lovin' folks on your shopping list.
The 10th Victim - Blu-ray by Blue Underground
I dig this goofy Italian sci-fi/action/romance flick quite a bit, from its wacky reality TV prophecies to the exotic '60s fashions that Marcello Mastroianni and Ursula Andress wear. I hadn't planned to upgrade to the blu when it was announced, but reviews I read - including some with jaw dropping screencaps from the blu - pushed it to the top of my Christmas want list.
The Baby - DVD by Severin Films
I had the unique pleasure of finally meeting this movie in 2011, and anyone who loves bizarre cult classics should jump all over Severin's DVD release of the film.  As far as sleazy flicks about man-babies go, you can't get much better.
Battle Beyond the Stars - DVD/Blu-Ray by Shout! Factory
I haven't actually seen this one yet, but it's on my Christmas list for many good reasons. First of all, it's from Shout!'s Roger Corman Cult Classics collection, which has turned out nothing but gold on blu thus far.  Second, it seems to have that Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon early-'80s sci-fi feel that I love. Plus, Sybil Danning. CAN'T MISS.
Kingdom of the Spiders - DVD by Shout! Factory
This one's got it all, folks.  William Shatner as a hero. Tiffany Bolling as a babe/scientist.  A BUNCH OF EVIL SPIDERS.  Long available only on bargain bin DVDs with less than thrilling picture and sound quality, Shout! appears to have restored the shine of this Kingdom with their release. (Apparently this came out back in early 2010...oops. It still looks awesome.)
The Phantom Carriage - DVD/Blu-Ray by The Criterion Collection
For the more high-falutin' crowd, we've got a bit of silent ghost action in The Phantom Carriage, which takes us to Sweden where legends can be deadly.  Criterion's always loved by film lovers, and this is their second biggest horror release of the year (behind their also-recommended restoration of The Island of Lost Souls).
The Devil Within Her - DVD by Scorpion Releasing
Nevermind the fact that this Rosemary's Baby inspired film starts with the "Devil" getting born, and thus NOT being "within her".  Do mind the fact that this cheesy bit of goodness features a hysterical Joan Collins, Donald Pleasence, and my beloved Caroline Munro.  Scorpion Releasing has put out some interesting titles this year with hostess Katarina Leigh Waters (who does resemble Munro slightly), but this might be the most fun of their lot. (Then again, The Carpenter might be too.)
Don't Open Till Christmas - DVD by Mondo Macabro
I just found out this one had been updated by the folks over at Mondo, and it got me drooling.  A sleazy slasher to a fault, but it's certainly a unique flick about a killer who kills folks that dress up as Santa.  And it's got a bit of Caroline Munro too. <3
Horror Express - DVD/Blu-Ray Combo by Severin Films
I've tried to watch cruddy copies of this public domain horror a few times - it is, after all, touted as one of the best collaborations between Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing - but they've always been unwatchable transfers.  From what I hear, Severin has brought Horror Express back from the dead with their version - and I can't wait to see it.
The William Castle Collection - 8 Film DVD Set by Sony Pictures
This one's been around for a while, but the price seems to be in a horror fan's range this holiday season.  While much of the set is old favorites, I'm really excited that it has Castle's remake of The Old Dark House, and that it also comes with a documentary about the man himself as a bonus 9th feature!
Friday the 13th Uncut (& Friday the 13th Part 2) - Blu-Ray by Paramount Pictures
Know a horror fan who's new to blu? Considering the price and the shockingly great picture quality, the first few F13 films that are available on blu-ray are a perfect stocking stuffer.  The first three are available (though I can only vouch for the first two's picture quality) and run under $10 each at Best Buy stores.
Dawning - DVD/Blu-Ray by Breaking Glass Pictures
I've talked about this movie a bit - I'm even on one of the DVD commentaries for it - but I must reiterate that the intelligent horror fan needs a copy of Dawning this holiday season.  And not just because I'm on the DVD, but that is an added bonus for all the Midnight Warriors out there.
That's probably about enough for today, I'm drooling on the keyboard over here.  I meant to mention a couple of releases from the folks at Media Blasters - which earlier this year promised my beloved Godzilla vs. Megalon and the Tiffany Bolling flick The Candy Snatchers - but Amazon shows both titles as on hold.  So boo to them for trying to ruin Christmas, but I've got a feeling that y'all can find something else for the genre nut who's on your Christmas list too.

So, Midnight Warriors...what flicks are on your holiday want list?

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