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December 11, 2011

8 Things I Love About... Pieces

You could say these are pieces of Pieces, couldn't you?
Because what's a slasher film without Mommy issues?
Anatomy professor with the oh-so-convenient 'Stache of Impending Doom.
The Blob of blood that comes from a co-ed decap.
It doubles as an exercise video!
The groundskeeper/potential killer status of Paul Smith's character, keeping the film in Scooby-Doo territory.
The chainsaw-to-skin effects are one of the few things in this movie that is actually impressive.
Every campus needs its own ninja.
If I have to explain this one, you need to see Pieces. NOW.


Chuck said...

I love Pieces. Love it. It does so many things right, you can overlook the short comings.

Chris Hewson said...

Nightmare City doubles as an exercise video tenfold more than Pieces!

EegahInc said...

Still #8 is one of the greatest moments in acting history, bar none!

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This movie freaks me out so bad! I wonder if you have the review on the second chapter, i want to read it