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November 21, 2011

8 Things I Love About... Night of the Creeps

This cute little fella and his trusty canister.
Corman University 1959, in glorious black & white.
Unibrow Jock Dude.
Everything about Tom Atkins, naturally.
Rooms with dark lighting and shiny buttons always rule.
The thing from Detective Cameron's past.
JC's ominous final message.
But, mostly, Jill Whitlow with a flamethrower.  SWOON.
In fact, everything Jill Whitlow does in this movie is gorgeous. What happened to her? THE MIKE MUST KNOW!


A hero never dies said...

Love everything about this movie. Every single thing.

Kev D. said...

Corman U in 1959 looks AWESOME. I love when the girl says "He's so DREAMY!" ...

She sells that line SO HARD.

R.D. Penning said...

It sucks that Jill retired from acting in the 90's. Now she is a mom with two kids, married to Director/Producer Jason Loughridge. I think we should hunt him down to find her, haha.

The Mike said...

Thanks guys, glad to see there's more fans.

Kev, I was thinking about the dreamy line when I thought of that scene. Classic stuff.

Russ, sounds like a plan! You bring the pliers, I'll bring the duct tape! :)

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hahaha the little guy from the first photo looks like a fetus. Anyway great movie.