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November 29, 2011

8 Things I Love About... The Devil Rides Out

It seems like ages ago that this was the first Midnight Movie of the Week. Now, on the eve of the 100th MMOTW(!), it deserves some more love.
Christopher Lee not being amused.
Christopher Lee being inventive.
An observatory with interesting flooring.
Folks putting their hands in the air like they just don't care.
The incredibly possessable Sarah Lawson.
The child-eating spider of Satan.
Taking a stand - with the help of chalk, candles, and throw pillows.
Christopher Lee getting a chance to say "I'm the good guy this time, suckas!"


Jose Cruz said...

Congrats on reaching the triple digits, The Mike! It's been a hearty legacy of reviews. I have still yet to see THE DEVIL RIDES OUT, but Chris Lee's goatee and girl-munching arachnids are convincing me that surely I'm nuts for not having done so.

And Charles Gray's eyes commanding us to do the Time Warp.

Unknown said...

I hadn't considered boiling down what I love about The Devil Rides Out to 8 things but thank you for doing it for me. Love it.

The Mike said...

Thanks guys.

Jose - If it were 9 things I had a NICE extreme close up of Mr. Gray's peepers. Haunting.

John - Many thanks, and thanks for reading!

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Another classic movie from Christopher Lee I wonder if you have his entire works.