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September 30, 2011

Midnight Warriors! True Heroes of Horror Month is Near!

UPDATED: 10/30/11 - This project hasn't moved as quickly as I wanted it too, for which I apologize!  But the good news is that there's still time for you to join the listing fun!  I plan to recap the True Heroes of Horror Lists others have provided on the evening of November 1, so if you can get a list in to me (frommidnightwithlove(at)gmail(dot)com) by then you can still add to the master list of True Heroes of Horror and get yourself/your blog pimped at FMWL!  If you have questions, see the details below.....
The sun is setting on one more September.  There's less than two hours left in the month where The Mike lives and - by some strange science I don't understand - most of the globe IS ALREADY IN OCTOBER!  So I thought I'd take a moment to give a reminder of FMWL's plans for horror's favorite month - and a chance to remind YOU what you can do to be a part of it!

In case you missed it, my goal for the month of October is to compile a list of the people - actors, directors, writers, producers, whatevers - who horror fans feel are the TRUE HEROES OF HORROR.  It's a pretty vague idea for a list, and I've argued with myself about what the easiest way to explain it is.  In conclusion, my best answer is that I'm picking the 10 (TEN!) people that I think truly represent how great horror can be. If that doesn't make sense, click on the link back at the beginning of the paragraph - maybe I explained it better back then!
All you have to do is send me a list.  Got a blog and want to write it there? GREAT. Send me the link and I'll pimp your site out.  Just wanna contribute to the total tally? AWESOME. Just email me (frommidnightwithlove (at) gmail (dot) com) ten names.  You don't have to put them in any order, just gimme the names.  And if y'all could try to do so by October 20th (so I can tally up the lists and create a big list by Halloween) I'd be quite in your debt.

(If you did read this all the first time, apologies, I just wanted to post a reminder.  I GET EXCITED ABOUT OCTOBER!)
Throughout the month I will be announcing the 10 names that make up my own list of the True Heroes of Horror, each of whom will be profiled in my own unique way in a separate post.  Part of me worries that this might influence others' voting, but the other part of me says a) you're all smart mammals who can think for themselves and b) it's my blog and I'll post if I want to.  So get ready for some fun.

Along with that, we'll still have your previously scheduled Midnight Movie of the Week posts (we're creeping awfully close to hitting 100 weeks!), and I've got a TON of good stuff coming up for FMWL's Indie Spotlight scene.  I can't even tell you how excited I am to shine the light on some folks who are trying to make their own statement and become horror heroes in their own manner.

IT'S COMING FOR YOU, Midnight Warriors!  And I promise you one thing....I'll be having a heckuva good time.  So get your dancin' shoes on!


Chris Hewson said...

Well in Australia it's October already, so I'm waiting until the bridge between the time zones overlap at about midnight to start my Halloween reviews.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Yesterday was Tammy O`Rourkes 40th birthday, i just wish her little sister Heather was still alive as well.

Hey! Look Behind You! said...

Will have my list done by today!!