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September 16, 2011

Hey Midnight Warriors....Do Y'all Hear October Comin' Around The Corner?

Because I do.  And I'm PUMPED.  Everybody loves October.  If they don't they're not human.  They're not ghoul or monster or ghost either.  They're something else.  Something lame.

Anyway, I want to make October a bit eventful here at FMWL, but to do that I'm gonna need the help.  In fact, if you're so inclined, I'm gonna need the help of YOU - that's right, YOU! - the Midnight Warrior who's reading this right now.  You see, I thought this October might be a good time to talk about the people who represent horror to us all, and figure out which names really mean horror cinema to horror fans.  But I can't do it without input from folks who a) love horror and b) aren't me.
So here's what I'm asking for - sometime between now and October 15th, send me a list of up to 10 (TEN!) people - actors, writers, directors, producers, etc. - who, in your opinion, represent the best of what horror movies can be

You can use any criteria you like - your favorite people, the people who are most important, the people with the best mustaches or breasts - just please list no more than ten folks.  You don't even have to rank your ten or explain your ten (though you're free to do so if you like!), just gimme ten names, which I can then bring to FMWL and (hopefully) once I have a lot of lists we'll be able to run some statistics and create a bigger list and see just who horror fans feel are The True Heroes of Horror.
If you'd like to participate in this list-producing event, let me know via email at frommidnightwithlove (at) gmail (dot) com.  If you have your own site, feel free to post your list there and just send me a link, but that's not required either.  Look, there aren't any requirements, except that you a) list names of the people in horror you love and b) kick ass. 

In the meantime, I'll be using FMWL to profile and/or comment on some of my Horror Heroes, and I also hope to spotlight some awesome guests as the month goes on.  So, if you'd like to participate in Horror Heroes Month here at FMWL...well, I've already told you what to do.  And I'd be honored to have you contribute!


Marvin the Macabre said...

I'm all over this. I love how this is such a non-specific list, one in which I'd be free to choose both Alexandre Aja and Ingrid Pitt (not that that's who I'll be choosing, maybe). Anyway, I'll try to get off my ass for this one.

The Mike said...

Thanks Marvin! I really want it to be kind of word association-y, whatever comes to peoples minds is OK by me. Looking forward to your list!

Hey! Look Behind You! said...

Mmmm it's gonna take some time to think of this awesome list

David Robson, Proprietor, House of Sparrows said...

Getting into this late, but I'm on it.