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January 25, 2011

Where to Find The Mike Lately.... (And Other Great Horror Web News!)

Remember that one time, a couple of weeks ago, when I was like "Oh yeah, I'm busy, but I'm doing something  that might be awesome?" Well, as fate would have it that cool thing became TWO cool things, and then another cool thing came up that The Mike proudly endorses.  So, he wanted to offer a quick few words to tell FMWL fans about a few really cool things going on right about....NOW.
Those of you who've been around a while know that The Mike has, on occasion, offered a guest post to Flickchart: The Blog, the talky companion to the most addictive cinema site known to man.  I'm pleased to announce that I'll be contributing a weekly piece to that site this year, and that this reign of Mikeness began this week with a post on why The Limey belongs among the "Movies You Should See Before You Die".  I won't specifically be talking about genre related films at their site, but I hope to share some pretty cool stuff.  Y'all are very welcome to come along for the ride (even if it means you have to see my creepy mug)!
Non Mike related (thus far), but also awesome is the new Planet of Terror podcast hosted by friend of FMWL Cortez the Killer over at Planet of Terror!  Check out CTK's first podcast, which is up now, and keep your eyes on Planet of Terror.  I'm sure he'll have some of the best voices in independent horror and horror blogification joining him in the future!
Last, but not least....the big thing.  Around the middle of last year, a horror website popped up and quickly made me proud to be someone who spreads the word on horror and genre cinema.  That website was and is The, and it quickly set out to bring together some of the best voices in the cyber horror world in one place.  It wasn't long after the site debuted that The Mike made posting at The Bloodsprayer one of his two biggest goals as one who shares the love of horror.
Thusly, I'm ecstatic to share that a guest post written by yours truly is gracing the front page of The Bloodsprayer on this very day!  Ms. Kristy Jett, the site's "First Lady of Filth", asked me for a piece on one of our mutual favorite directors, Hammer and Amicus Films legend Freddie Francis, and I put together the biographical article you can find HERE. I'm still not quite sure I nailed it, (I ran a little long and a little dull for my liking), but they liked it enough to post it.  Regardless, I'm humbled and honored to have had a chance to share my words through such a fantastic site.  So you should go check it out!

Last but not least, there's two days left to vote in Total Film's Blog Awards, and you can still find that link at the top right of the page.  The contest is pretty much ended, but I wanted to offer a deep bit of thanks to everyone who has either voted for FMWL or who has taken a look at FMWL after finding us through these awards.  It's people like y'all that make The Mike's day.  I salute you.

Now click one of those links and get reading or listening!


Jinx said...

Fantastic stuff! Knew it would be exciting. I'm also rather excited about the possibility of your creepy mug, I mean your lovely face.

deadlydolls said...

You sir, are a slut.

R.D. Penning said...

*stomp,stomp* raise the board in the air - "Hiiioooooohhhhhhhhh"


Enbrethiliel said...


So that creepy mug isn't a new mask? =P

(Just kidding!)

The Mike, would you believe I hadn't even heard of The Limey until I read your spotlight? (I would have admitted it in the Flickchart combox, but I thought it would be safer to reveal my cinematic ignorance in this safe space.)

Congratulations on all your new endeavors! =D