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January 7, 2011

FMWL is Nominated for the Total Film 2011 Movie Blog Awards!

So, some awesome person (I'd like to assume it's Caroline Munro, who's madly in love with me...) decided it would be a good idea to nominate From Midnight, With Love in Total Film's 2011 Movie Blog Awards.  And, most surprising to me, I've been informed that FMWL made the ballot in the Best Fan Blog category!
Along with us, there are 8 other fabulous blogs that you could find on FMWL's sidebar - including 365 Horror Movie, Chuck Norris Ate My Baby, Italian Film Review, Kindertrauma, The Lightning Bug's Lair, The Vault of Horror, Zombo's Closet of Horrors, and Zombots - who I've long been fans of, and 11 other blogs that I don't know yet, but will be checking out once I finish this post.  The honor of being listed among such fine company is more than enough to give me joyous shivers.  (And "joyous shivers" might be the creepiest phrase I've ever used here.)

My point? GO VOTE!  It's award season, after all.  Click the banner above, click the links above, click the links RIGHT anything.  You don't have to vote for FMWL - just vote.  Because that'd be cool.  Let's show 'em all that us horror and genre film fans have a voice, too!

But on a serious, thanks to whoever was behind the nomination, and congrats to all the other nominees!  
 So, in the name of Ron Perlman, GO VOTE!


Emily Louise Church said...

VOTED! Good luck! x

Jinx said...

Totally voted! You rule!