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August 30, 2010

Next to Last '70s Cult Project Update! More Lists From You, The Readers! Double Exclamation Point!!

I'm not gonna sugarcoat it - I've been completely blindsided by the amount of interest in FMWL's '70s Cult Project over the past week.  Last week I brought you seven lists sent in by readers/bloggers.  Tonight, I offer a whopping SEVENTEEN more lists of what people deem The Most Essential Cult Films of the 1970s!  Including my own list, that's a gigantic 25 total lists that are going into the pool to determine The Most Essential Cult Films of the '1970s!

And, since there are so many freaking lists to get through, let's get straight at it!  (By the way, I apologize for not posting a poster for each list...I didn't want this to be the longest blog post of all-time!)
First up is the marvelous Ms. Horror Blogopshere herself, BJ-C from over at Day of the WomanShe's put together a fine list, topped by The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Also joining in is one of the coolest bloggers I had some how missed reading for far too long, Fred the Wolf over at Full Moon ReviewsFred's list also favored The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Next up is the groovy Dave S from the cool Bloody Terror blog!  He provides a wickedly unique list, led by David Lynch's mind-game Eraserhead!
Liam of Less Than Three Film - a fine blogger, by all accounts - is the next to chime in.  He provides a detailed listing that includes a couple of films I hardly knew of, and tops it all off with Jonathan Demme's Caged Heat! 

The '70s Cult Project didn't just reach horror bloggers, as Carol from Craftypants Carol's Fancy Crafty World bravely answered this call to action!  Her list offers some fascinating choices, and is topped off by 1979's Bloodrage!

Though he usually sticks to in-depth & mind-rocking reviews, Bill from over at Radiation-Scarred Reviews graciously joined in, and offered a list that was topped by Vincent Price's fabulous The Abominable Dr. Phibes!
Emily C. from The Quest To Watch Every Movie Ever has long been a great friend of FMWL, and her list doesn't disappoint!  She tops it off with Bob Clark's first Christmas film - Black Christmas!

The last list I received (but not the last list I'll be mentioning), came from Detector over at The Real Stuff Cats Like!  It's another cool and unique list, and it's topped off by Midnight Cowboy!

There were also several bloggers who chose to participate, yet chose not to rank their Top 5 films.  They are:

Joe from Oduction Productions Midnight Time Warp, whose list, like himself, always represents the MIDWEST!
The fabulous and wise Christine Hadden of Fascination With Fear (I totally almost f'd up and typed Rear...awkward).  I highly recommend her list, partially because it comes with cool horror themed music.

A new acquaintance to FMWL is Schtoffer from Spasmo Mixtape!  He put a lot of thought into his list, which expands to look at the entire decade of cult cinema!

Another new blog that I quickly loved is Poetic Zombie, hosted by Zombie Mom.  She offers a cool list of five films - one of which contains SHATNER!!!!!!
Another new Midnight Warrior is LJ from A Racing Mind.  She zooms her way to this list, which offers five totally wonderful choices!

Last but not least in this category is Nicki from Hey! Look Behind You!  Nicki has created a wicked Top 10 listing of essential cult flicks of the '70s.  While I know I asked everyone for five, Nicki was the first person I really met in the horror blogosphere, so I'm gonna break my own rules and count all 10 of these, because she's awesome!

(If anyone who was listed in this category wants to rank their Top 5 for the final listing, feel free to do so and let me know!  If not, I'll count each vote as one point, so the films will still be recognized as I compile the final list!  Either way works for me, thanks for participating!)

THAT'S NOT ALL!  Along with those lists at other blogs, a few fine folks emailed me lists of their Top 5 Most Essential Cult Films of the 1970s!  Those fine folks are:

T.L. Bugg from The Lightning Bugg's Lair, who offers the following Top 5:
1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Love it, hate it, it's the epitome of cult.
2. Fritz the Cat - It doesn't get better for X rated toons, R. Crumb, and Ralph Bakshi.
3. Coffy - It's Pam Grier. It's Jack Hill. It's near perfect.
4. Thriller: A Cruel Picture - All the sleaze, action, eyepatches, and inappropriate porn moments you could want.
5. Phantasm - The original baller. 
Jenny Spencer, who is a new friend of FMWL, and who writes for Italian Film Review, offered up this Top 5:
1) Dawn of the Dead
2) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
3) Suspiria
4) Mad Max
5) The Last House on the Left

And last, but never least, is the man who - aside from myself and my Masha - has to be considered FMWL's biggest fan, R.D. Penning from Dead End Drive-In!  Mr. Penning offers up this fine list:

#5 Decoy for Terror (aka Portrait of Fear or Playgirl Killer) 
#4 Duel
#3 Willard
#2 I Spit On Your Grave
#1 Dawn of the Dead

That, my friends, is a lot of Cult Movies from the 1970s.  In fact, I've still got some work to do in regard to finalizing the votes.  As of now, I know that at least 75 different movies have been listed on these 25 lists!

So, tomorrow night....The FINAL list of The Most Essential Cult Films of the chosen by YOU, The Midnight Warriors....will arrive!  Until then, enjoy the heck out of these fantastic blogs, and start jotting down all the titles you need to add to your Netflix queue!  

I keep repeating it, but THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has taken time to participate in this project.  I never dreamed of this many people getting involved, and each of you has helped make a simple idea into a great reality!  

See you all tomorrow night, Midnight Warriors!


The Mike said...

Blogger is stupid, and thus everything is double if this wasn't long enough.

Otherwise, enjoy!

Fred [The Wolf] said...

Congrats on the success of your project! I love it when us bloggers come together. Great lists and I look forward to see the ultimate Top 5.

R.D. Penning said...

Awesome awesome awesome Mike!!! Thank you for still including my original list, even though I have been such a douche nugget lately. Getting ready to film in two weeks so I have been super busy with stuff. The lists have turned out amazing, and I can't wait to see the finished product!

R.D. Penning said...

Oh, and I am pretty much your biggest fan! I make it a point to check From Midnight, With Love twice a day! Once when I wake up, and once at work! Now that makes me sound like a stalker.

Jinx said...

This is so awesome!

Emily Louise Church said...

Love all of these lists, so many good movies!

Btw if you follow my blog you need to unfollow then refollow for my posts to appear in your blog feed.

Enbrethiliel said...


What an epic post! =D

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to join in this time--but not as sorry as I am to be so ignorant of 70s cult cinema! This post is an education, The Mike.

Looking forward to more Midnight Warrior goodness in the months to come. (Hey, Halloween month is coming up!)