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February 23, 2010

Reminder - FMWL's First DVD Giveaway is open NOW!

(Reposting this to remind you all you can participate to win TWO fantastic out-of-print movies on DVD! Just follow the steps below!)

BUT WAIT, there's more. Amidst the terror in the aisles, I came across a copy of recent Midnight Movie of the Week selection Popcorn! Now, I know what you're thinking....Hey The Mike, you already have that movie. What gives? Well, here's what gives. I spent 20+ bucks on a copy of this out-of-print slasher lately, and the lowest priced copy on Amazon these days is over $40. I am damn sure not letting some ungrateful fella of this town steal up a copy for $4.
As the fine folks of Alcoholics Anonymous say, we keep what we have by giving it away. Thus, I offer up From Midnight, With Love's First DVD Giveaway!

Here's what's going down: One lucky reader will have the chance to win a DVD copy of Popcorn (it's a former rental, of course, but the disc looks to be in really good shape, and I'll be sure to check it before sending it away) PLUS one bonus Midnight DVD chosen by The Mike! What do you need to do to win? Just complete the two steps below:

1) Click Follow on the side of the page to become a follower of From Midnight, With Love (if you haven't already). Or, you can become a fan of FMWL on facebook, if that's more you're style.
2) Post in the comments below suggesting a movie (or more than one) that you'd like to see featured as Midnight Movie of the Week on FMWL. Also, include an email address so I can contact you if you're the winner!

The winner be chosen randomly one week from today, February 28, at high noon CST. (I always wanted to schedule something for high noon. Mission complete.)

As always, thanks to all my readers, and here's to a lot of new horrors that'll probably be featured on FMWL in the future!

(And if you commented on the last one, don't worry, you're still in the contest!)


Rhonny Reaper said...

Killer Klowns from Outer Space!!!!

Zachary Kelley said...

Bay of Blood a.k.a Twitch of a Death Nerve

Zach S. said...

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the zombie flick BONE SICKNESS.

Great blog! Look behind you, I'm following...


Cory said...

I'm already a follower so I don't need to worry about that ^_^ and as for a movie I would like to see reviewed my favorite guilty pleasure movie Galaxy Of Terror! If you don't have it on VHS dont worry, it is supposedly coming out on DVD finally later this year!

Cory said...

Oh and oops you can use as my email address