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July 8, 2013

Trailer for Curse of Chucky Released; Twisted Children of the '80s Rejoice

I don't consume alcohol or drugs or pop music or any of those other things that people get really excited about and then feel bad about later. But I imagine that the reaction people have to those intoxicants is similar to what I feel when I, as a super horror nerd, see a preview for something like Curse of Chucky.
What follows is the trailer for said film, a reboot of the Child's Play franchise that claims it will drop the self referential humor of the last two films and take the franchise back to its creepier roots. It looks the part, and I kinda dig the switch to a spooky old house setting. Will it be deep and meaningful? Do the special effects look good? Probably not on both accounts. But Brad Dourif and the change in tone actually makes me think this looks like a bunch of slashery fun.

Curse of Chucky will be released to DVD/Blu-Ray/Other-Home-Media-Formats-I-Don't-Know-Yet on October 8, so invite some friends over, get the popcorn ready, and wear ankle protection. Or don't. It's your achilles tendon.


fly-by-night fred said...

Why wait 3 months, the master must have been leaked to at least a few movie streaming sites (or some dastardly illegal pirate DVD outfit), in this day and age there must be a way of seeing this movie (even in a low quality format) before the official October release date ! ! !.

Johnny Concho said...

So, more inferior Paranormal Activity (5) nonsense hits the big screen for Halloween whilst Chucky has to make do with a straight to DVD release for his 6th outing, theres no justice ! ! !.