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December 11, 2012

8 Things I Love About... House on Haunted Hill '99

That time when Lisa Loeb and Spike went on a rollercoaster.
Spooky eye stained glass.
Chris Kattan freaking the heck out.
Things with old spoky wheels always creep me out.
The wicked sensory depravation/crazy making room.
And plenty of other drop-ins from the esteemed Mr. Combs.

Bloody naked scary women in black and white and red.
You'll never top Price and Ohmart, but Geoffrey Rush and Famke Janssen are a fantastic match.


knobgobbler said...

Oh yeah! Except for the wimpy ending (Caspar saves the day!) this was a hoot and a half. It's got a wonderfully gruesome vibe and is relentlessly mean in a friendly sort of way.

Anonymous said...

The last act left a bit to be desired, but this is still a surprisingly effective remake. One that I um, actually prefer over the original.

knobgobbler said...

Yeah, the original is still fun, but it's relatively friendly compared to the remake... though it has that gag with the woman's ghost outside the window that still gets to me a bit.

: said...

While this one was in no way a "good movie", I still pull it off the shelf and pop it into the DVD player once in a while 'cause I dig it a lot! For a movie that's so flawed -- sub-par performances, dated CGI, etc. -- there are also a handful of genuinely creeeeeeepy moments. Love the soundtrack, too.