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October 3, 2012

October Horror Goodness From Around the Web, Part One

If you're like me, you probably start most things you write with "if you're like me."  You also might think everyone else is better at horror writing than you.  Which brings us to my favorite part of the month - the part where I get to share some of the cool horror goings on from my favorite sites and folks with all you Midnight Warriors.  Here's some cool goodness I've found in October's first days.
  • One of the most amazingly named blogs in the history of history, Chuck Norris Ate My Baby, is promising to serve up all sorts of goodness in celebration of CHUCKTOBER.  I, for one, am prepared for some wicked cool stuff. Your host, Matt-suzaka is serving up several special features, and most interesting to me is his look at video games intersecting with genre cinema. Check it out!
  • Over at Fascination With Fear, Christine and Marie are running another Festival of Lists, offering up a list of good stuff for each day of the month.  No site that I know if is as thorough as this one, so make sure you're keeping up.  Today's post features two of horror's most terrible apartments, looking into two bizarre treats from the '70s that make me smile.
  • Kindertrauma has long been one of my favorite sites to haunt, as Aunt John and Unkle Lancifer prove that horror is truly everywhere.  On Sunday, Kindertrauma celebrated their fifth birthday, recounting their first post and how the site was inspired by The Waltons. Yes, The Waltons. You have to read it to believe it - but that's true for most of the awesomeness over at KT.  Congrats to the guys over there, and long live Kindertrauma!
  • Another titan of horror fandom, Final Girl, is bringing back a recurring October theme.  They call it Shocktober!, and this year's festival focuses on a different horror film that has been a part of the site's long running Film Club - which I've participated in a few times - each day.  Today's focus is on Let the Right One In, but keep checking back at Final Girl for more and more horror hits.
  • One of the first Midnight Warriors ever was Nicki over at Hey! Look Behind You!, and she's on track for another 31 Days of Halloween marathon. Running alongside her usual collection of horror shorts and Film Wise challenges, I'm sure that the site will have something interesting to say about plenty of horror favorites. For example, her first feature is none other than The Exorcist, and her experience with the film may surprise you.
  • TL Bugg of The Lightning Bug's Lair has some pretty big things planned for the latter part of October - don't worry, you'll hear more about them here - but today he's got a solid review of one of my favorite recent finds in zombie horror, Exit Humanity.  He's also got a take on Grave Encounters 2, which I just reviewed yesterday, that provides a more positive opinion than I did.  Dig it!

There are plenty of other great folks and great reads I could mention, but we've got 28 more days to go! Got some good stuff you've found? SHARE IT! WE ALL NEED MORE HORROR! IT'S OCTOBER!! I'M YELLING!!!!!!!

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Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks for the link and your very kind words, The Mike! =) I'll check out everyone else's blogs, too.

Isn't October great??? I just reviewed my first Horror movie in a long while, and I'm feeling fantastic!