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October 2, 2011

FMWL Indie Spotlight - Shudder Fest, ABCs of Death, & New Indie Horror Coming to FMWL!

October is truly the best month for horror known to man or woman or beast, and a lot of us like to spend that time looking back at the people who made horror great - just like FMWL is doing this month with our True Heroes of Horror series/list challenge.  But I think it's a bit unfair to just look at the past, particularly when there are a lot of awesome folks out there who are trying to make the future of horror cinema a great place for us all.  So I'm happy to provide a couple of announcements, on behalf of myself and a few of FMWL's favorite people, regarding what's going on in the indie horror scene this month.

Shudder Fest is coming to Boston on October 14th & 15th!
Here at FMWL, I owe a ridiculous amount of thanks to Mike and Chris over at All Things Horror Online for being true ambassadors in the indie horror scene and providing plenty of connections with the best independent filmmakers working right now.  And they've set up a one of a kind fiesta in their hometown this October, bringing out FOUR hand-picked independent horror features and a slew of short films for Bostonian's viewing pleasure.  Check out the details of the festival over at their site, along with previews for the four films: Absentia (one of my favorite films in recent memory), Ashes (more on that later), The Corridor (which I haven't seen, but it looks cracking), and I Didn't Come Here To Die (more on that later as well).
So, if you're anywhere near enough to get there - New York, Philly, London, wherever (I'm bad at geography) - you should get there so you can experience true indie terror with some of the best horror lovers in the world.  And, although The Mike won't be there, you can be sure that the Spirit of The Mike will be in the audience, ready for some great indie shockers. (And, if you are there, please don't molest my Spirit. It's just rude.)
For more info - including ticketing information - head on over to the All Things Horror site. You won't regret it.

The ABCs of Death & The 26th Director Competition!
If you haven't heard of The ABCs of Death yet, it's quickly become one of the more interesting horror productions that's happening right about now.  26 directors will come together with 26 short visions of terror - one for each letter of the English alphabet - and the end product will be one feature film, which could end up a clinic on fear from some of the best voices in modern horror.
But here's the catch...currently, there are only 25 directors attached to the project.  To solve the problem, the producers have allowed a slew of filmmakers to provide their own visions of terror....all based on the letter T.  And a couple of filmmakers who've been featured at and loved by FMWL have horses in the race that I couldn't not share with y'all.

First up (in alphabetical order, as to not show any bias) for your consideration is T is for Toga, from David Guglielmo.  David's twenty minute western Damn Your Eyes had the independent spotlight cast its way earlier this year, and his entry here shows off the same playful direction and thirst for blood that filled that film.  It's a quick little slasher tale with a fun college edge and a satisfyingly dark final moment.

Also in the competition is one FMWL's favorite deadly duos, Brenda and Elisabeth - The Fies Sisters, who are the creative minds behind The Commune and Bleedfest.  Their entry is entitled T is for Torture, and it provides a twisted little tale that sprays plenty of fluids and offers a few stomach-churning visuals.  It's also got a fun little twist in its four minute run time, and a couple of good performances (including one from Dave Reda, the dude behind another FMWL favorite short - Horror of Your Love).  

Both films - and all the other submissions from all the other filmmakers who want to own the letter T - can be voted for on the links provided, and I'm sure y'all can make up your own minds as to who to vote for.  As for me, I can't wait to see what both David and The Fies Sisters have up their sleeves, and wish them both the absolute best in this competition!

And's what you can look for in FMWL's Indie Spotlight this month!
Ashes - Dir. by Elias Matar (Showing 10/14 & 10/15 at Shudder Fest!)

I Didn't Come Here to Die - Dir. by Bradley Scott Sullivan (Showing 10/14 & 10/15 at Shudder Fest!)
Seeking Wellness - Dir. by Daniel Schneidkraut

The Selling - Dir. by Emily Lou (Showing 10/23 at Bleedfest!)

As you can hopefully see, it's gonna be a great month for independent horror.  And The Mike's ready to bring as much of it to you as is humanly possible!

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Unknown said...

Mike I'm so sorry I never commented! I've had bronchitis for five weeks now and it's seriously messing with my head!

I SO appreciate your awesome article supporting our short, and Bleedfest, and THE SELLING! Thank you!

And as a cool bonus, David reached out to me because of this article and I got to virtually meet him and see his stellar short T is For Toga!

Thank you for all you do for indie filmmakers. You're such an amazing person!!!!