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August 28, 2011

The 30 (Horror) Movies, 6 Words Each List

Ah, lists. One of my favorite Midnight Warriors, E from Shredded Cheddar, introduced me to a simple 30 movie meme that made me think quite a bit.  Of course, I made the thing a little more difficult than it needed to be...because I made the list (which was designed for all genres) all about horror movies.

Oh, and I only got to use six words on each movie. To a rambler like myself, that's kinda torturous.  

So, here's thirty movies in thirty categories. I tried to pick movies I haven't covered extensively here...most of the time.  Take a gander, and steal freely if you like!

 The 30 Movies, 6 Words Each List
#1 -- One of Your Favorite Movies
(But Not Your Favorite Favorite)
The Exorcist
Overrated? No. As good as advertised.

#2 -- A Movie You Hate
(Or Just Plain Really, Really Don't Like)
Halloween 2
Zombie's insulting vision makes me rage.

#3 -- A Movie You Watch With Friends
The Monster Squad
The ultimate in monster fan adventure.

#4 -- A Movie That Pleasantly Surprised You
Tired of zombies, but had fun.

#5 -- A Movie That Disappointed You Terribly
The Haunting
Was 18, not smart enough yet.

#6 -- A Movie from Your Childhood
The Phantom of the Opera
Learned of monsters, learned to read.

#7 -- A Movie from Your Childhood That You Hated
Slow, bad acting. Better with age.

#8 -- A Movie You Watched on a Date
A Perfect Getaway
Well, I still dig the movie.

#9 -- A Party Movie
Unpredictable and silly, provides many laughs.

#10 -- An Action Movie
The Mummy
Better than Karloff? In a way.

#11 -- A Comedy
The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini
Everything a drive-in party flick needs.

#12 -- A Romantic Comedy
Night of the Creeps
A girl with a flamethrower? Schwing!

#13 -- A Thriller
Serial Killer 101 with great actresses.

#14 -- A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie
The Last Man on Earth
Less science than Matheson's masterful book.

#15 -- An Indie Film
Humanoids from the Deep
Corman produced trash. Slimy, vile, fun.

#16 -- A Documentary/Biopic
Halloween: 25 Years of Terror
Fine tribute to the real Myers.

#17 -- A Musical
Repo! The Genetic Opera
Coulda been my "surprised you" pick.

#18 -- An Adaptation of a Book, TV Series, Etc.
The Dead Zone
Walken in a telepathic wonder land.

#19 -- A Movie Made before 1967
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Gill man versus ladies swimwear? Sweet.

#20 -- A Worthy Sequel/Remake/Reboot
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
Dokken, Langenkamp, Fishburne, Dokken, Arquette, Dokken.

#21 -- A Sequel/Remake/Reboot That Wasn't Worth the Celluloid It Was Filmed On
Day of the Dead
Nothing worth praising. Nothing at all.

#22 -- A Movie That Made You Cry
The Mist
No tears, actually. But emotionally draining.

#23 -- A Movie You Walked Out Of
(Or Straight Up Stopped Watching)
I think I'm allergic to pretension.

#24 -- A Movie You Watch for Comfort Food
Horror of Dracula
Lee and Cushing, beauty and chills.

#25 -- A Well-Liked Movie That You Don't Care For
Can't believe people fell for that.

#26 -- A Movie You Love That Many Do Not
The Devil Rides Out
Heroic Christopher Lee versus the occult.

#27 -- A Movie You Can Quote Extensively
Army of Darkness
Hail to the King, Midnight Warriors.

#28 -- A Movie with a Celebrity Crush
Dracula A.D. 1972
Caroline Munro, you complete The Mike.

#29 -- The Last Movie You Watched
Final Destination 3
Stupid, but William Castle would approve.

#30 -- Another Favorite That's Not Your Favorite Movie
The Blob
Like I wasn't gonna say that.


Marvin the Macabre said...

The Mike pulled a triple Dokken! Ten points!

The Mike said...

You have no idea how hard it was to not just type Dokken six times....but I was afraid they'd appear behind me in the mirror.

Wait....actually, that sounds like a good idea.


Andreas said...

It makes me really, really happy that you described Night of the Creeps as a romantic comedy. That should really be the model that all romantic comedies go by.

And ugh, you are so right about The Haunting '99. I watched it last winter when I was writing my thesis on The Haunting '63... wow, that's such a worthless movie.

Christine Hadden said...

Awesome list! I'm on it like flies on...well, you know.
I think you and I are quite possibly the king and queen of horror blogging lists!

Kev D. said...


Best Laugh-to-Cry Ever Filmed.

Enbrethiliel said...


Hey, Dokken Warrior! (Or should that be, The Dokken Warrior?) I love your Horror twist on this meme! =D

It seems to get modified every time someone picks it up. First I did the six-word memoirs; then you did the Horror theme . . . I'd really like to track this to see what else happens to it.

I think my favourites are "I think I'm allergic to pretension" and "Can't believe people fell for that." And of course, #30 is the sweetest possible ending. =) Fantastic work!