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July 11, 2011

Evil Dead Remake....for real? Bruce Campbell tells The Mike to believe!

That's what internet rumors are saying...and that's what Bruce Campbell is saying.

After rumors started rolling around the internet (hey look, here's some of them!) I - knowing we've been down this path before - voiced some skepticism on Twitter regarding the project.
That "GroovyBruce" fellow? Well, according to - it's Bruce Campbell.

And a bit later....GroovyBruce had some reassuring words for The Mike.....
So, do you believe?

Update - 7/12/11 - As is noted in Bruce's tweet (and now the title of the post) it's an Evil Dead REMAKE that is being produced.  And, today, Bloody Disgusting (after picking up our scoop on Bruce's tweet) found out that Fede Alvarez - not Sam Raimi - will be directing the low budget remake.

Alvarez got Raimi's attention with this short film, which is well worth seeing.


R.D. Penning said...

oh that is awesome!!!

Too bad it is the remake and not an actual Evil Dead 4 though! I still hope he has a lot to do with it. I don't want them to replace him. :-(

JohnBem said...

No sir, I don't like it. The next in the series, I'd be all over it. A remake is unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Scared, that's what I am. Let's face it, Hollyweird does NOT have the best track record on remakes in the new in the 21st century. The actors aren't as good as what we had in the 80's, the directors and writers are coming from places unknown to man, scared. I hateth remaketh. I do not want them to jack this up like they have pretty much everything else. I hope Bruce is right.