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June 28, 2011

Midnight Movie of the Week #78 - Dawning

This definitely won't be your usual Midnight Movie of the Week post.  Instead, this will be a post that I keep relatively short and sweet, because I want it to serve as my final statement - a graduation toast, if you will - regarding Dawning, a film that I've watched grow over the past 16 months.

If you've read FMWL before, you've probably heard me mention Dawning a time or two.  Perhaps you read my review of the film (which, I must say, hasn't aged well.  I was young, OK people!).  Perhaps you saw the list of my favorite genre films of 2010, which gave the film much love.  Or perhaps you just saw one of the several other times I mentioned Gregg Holtgrewe's indie horror gem.
You might thing I don't have anything left to say about the film, and you'd be partially right.  But I didn't use up all my words dedicated to the movie here at FMWL.  In fact, thanks to a generous offer from Mr. Holtgrewe, I was lucky enough to offer some of my words to an audio commentary that's on the now released DVD of Dawning.  It is with great pride that I now let you all know that that DVD - featuring said commentary that also contains the great voices of James at Planet of Terror, Mike at All Things Horror, and Chris of The Conduit Speaks - is available for your purchase, rental, and perusal.
But I wouldn't bestow FMWL's highest honor on the film just because I made the DVD, would I? Of course not.  To me, Dawning represents a glimmer of hope in the modern horror scene.  A hope that reminds me that thought provoking films with little gore and less breasts can one day make us pause in fear again.  We've lost that in the modern age of horror, where self promoters like Adam Green and Eli Roth rule the roost.  Granted, self-promoters have long been a key part of horror cinema, but the best horror films don't pander to their audience and don't go for the comfortable thrill that audiences will buy.  Holtgrewe is one of those filmmakers, and Dawning is one of those movies.
I know, I know.  It's hyperbole.  Maybe it is ridiculous for me to acclaim that Dawning - this little flick that few have seen and less have loved - is "one of the best".  And Dawning definitely won't be for everyone, as has been evidenced by the early mixed response from the public.  But I feel comfortable saying that I believe in Dawning - and I hope you'll take the plunge based on the chance that you might believe in it too.
Dawning is currently available to own through online outlets (such as Amazon (on DVD and Blu-Ray) or Best Buy or  It is not available on Netflix yet, unfortunately, but saving the film to your queue could help change that any day now.  I also found a DVD copy at our local Family Video, so you may be lucky enough to find a copy there.  (Oh, and if you rent or buy the film and post a pic of it or your order confirmation on the flick's Facebook page, you could win some posters or t-shirts or autographs, too!) If you're willing to seek it out, I wish you the best.  If nothing else, I hope you'll give it a try and come back to share your thoughts here.  Dawning is out it's up to you to keep it alive.
I am not a critic...but I play one on DVD.

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R.D. Penning said...

I can't wait to see it.