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April 4, 2011

The Mike's Midnight Alphabet

The excellent Mr. Rupert Pupkin/Bob Freelander of cool-stuff blog Rupert Pupkin Speaks has helped fan the flame of one of those meme things lately, in which a film fan presents their "Cinematic Alphabet" - a list of favorite films representing each letter of the human alphabet.  Since a) I love lists and b) I love movies, I thought it'd be fun to go Alphabet-style here at FMWL.

OF course, there's a catch.  Instead of going with my absolute favorite movie per letter - which would risk non-genre films entering FMWL - I decided to come up with my Midnight Alphabet.  And now, here's a film per letter that I most often love to pop in my DVD player 'round midnight.
Assault on Precinct 13 - Because I still think Carpenter's gangland action film is one of the coolest movies ever made.
The Blob - Because, after all, I am The Mike.
Clownhouse - I know it's an odd choice, but I can't understate - and this is where it gets weird - what Clownhouse has meant to me and my family.  
The Devil Rides Out - Because it's my favorite Hammer flick, and Christopher Lee needs to be represented.
Escape from New York - Snake. Plissken.  The Exorcist is probably my favorite E - I have been to two midnight showings of it - but I gotta feed my Snake love.
Fright Night - This was a close battle, because I love my Flash Gordon, but the Rear Window of '80s horror wins out.
The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini - It's generally known as one of the lesser "party horror" films of its era, but there's something about this pile of redheads in snakeskin bikinis, men in gorilla suits, Boris Karloff, and ghosts in invisible bikinis that always wins me.
Halloween - It's my favorite horror, and the only movie I considered here.
I, Madman - A deeply flawed little '80s horror, but...ummm....Jenny Wright, you guys.  And claymation monsters RULE.
Jaws - J isn't the strongest letter - heck, I considered Judge Dredd! - and Jaws always keeps my attention.
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - Not really much of a genre flick, but this movie can make me smile like few others.  Val Kilmer + Robert Downey + Michelle Monaghan = Mike love.
The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra - The perfect spoof of '50s sci-fi, lovingly created by Larry Blamire.  One of the most quotable movies of Miketime.
The Monster Squad - I can't choose all the monsters...unless I choose The Monster Squad.  Easy enough.
Night of the Living Dead - A real classic that still thrills me and makes me think.
The Omen - Damien - assisted by a vicious Billie Whitelaw, a hound of hell, and one helluva musical score - owns a special place in my heart.
Predator - If it bleeds, we can kill it.
The Quiet Earth - Underseen New Zealand-made sci-fi flick isn't a big favorite of mine, but it's stuck in my memory as a fascinating apocalypse tale.
Rear Window - My favorite movie of all movies gets a spot no matter what.
Suspiria - This was an excruciating choice.  But Argento's masterpiece edged out Soylent Green, Spider Baby, and Streets of Fire....this time.
They Live - Carpenter needs to be represented more, and I'll give this one a slight edge over The Thing due to rewatchability factors and Roddy Piper vs. Keith David.
Unlawful Entry - Man, I don't know why I like this standard thriller so much, but I do.  And I feel bad for all the Kurt Russell movies that didn't make it, so I'm throwing Unlawful Entry a bone.
Vanishing Point - Five Fast and/or Furious movies combined don't have half the coolness that the greatest existential car chase movie ever has.
The Warriors - Did I mention coolness?  This one edges out a couple of horror favorites - The Wolf Man and The Wicker Man - because it's goes down wicked smooth.
Xtro - Meh, I dunno.  It was this or X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes.  And I'm feeling '80s tonight.
Young Frankenstein - Another movie I can quote front to back, and one that makes me giddy as can be.  Didn't consider any other films here.
Zombieland - Normally I award a tie vote (in my head) to the older film, but for some reason I feel like giving the Woody powered zom-com the edge over Fulci's Zombie here.  It's young, but it's gonna have legs.


deadlydolls said...

Innnnnnteresting. I only have one in common with you. But WHICH ONE? Mooooohahahaha.

The Mike said...

I gotta say, I always pegged you for an I Madman kind of gal...but I'm gonna guess Jaws. (And find out when posted, I imagine.) :)

deadlydolls said...


Jinx said...

Brilliant! You love Kurt Russell. I've missed out on so much greatness by you while I've been away. I suck. Frantically trying to catch up.

Enbrethiliel said...


Excellent list!

You remind me I haven't done an "Alphabet Assignment" in ages . . . But I don't think my Cult Cinema list is going to be half as cool as yours.

R.D. Penning said...

You have also inspired me to do a list. I will get no work done today.

Emily said...

Awesome list The Mike! Making one of these myself was much more difficult than I anticipated, but way more fun. I really have to see I, Madman and Clownhouse!!!!!

Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

Ooooh, we have THREE in common (I win, Emily). Will post tomorrow.

simoncolumb said...

Everyone has Zombieland for Z! Where is ZULU??? or [You don't mess with the] ZOHAN?

Christine Hadden said...

Okay, so I WIN - we have FIVE in common. That says something, right?
Loved your choices - and just what is everyone else choosing for "X"??

The Mike said...

Thanks again, all!

Jinx - FMWL totally missed you. But don't hurt yourself catching up, last person that tried tripped one of the times I used too many big words in a review.

E - You can bring the cool. I believe it!

Russ - I look forward to it. Unless I somehow missed it, in which case I look forward to trying to figure out how I missed it and apologizing.

Emily C - Clownhouse is totally my baby. And I Madman is criminally underseen as well, though I may just be saying that due to Jenny Wright in glasses and no pants.

Girl - Loved your list as well! Glad to see the overlap with others to remind me I'm not totally insane. :)

Simon - I unfortunately have no experience with Zulu, plus I had to go Zombies. Maybe next time.

Christine - Looks like we're Alphabetic BFFs! I must admit, I strongly debated using the first X-Files move, which I love dearly, as my X...but Xtro won the day.

JohnBem said...

Fun list, Mike, and fun idea. I'm gonna do one too! I totally need to see Ghost in the Invisible Bikini. Sounds like exactly the kind of movie I'll fall in love with.