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November 19, 2010

State of the Midnight Address, Vol. 6 - From Midnight, With Thanks!

Hey everybody, welcome to another dose of ramblings from The Mike.  I have a busy weekend and week in front of me, and though I do have a couple of posts and reviews up my sleeve for then, I wanted to get into the Thanksgiving spirit before I missed the chance.  So here's a few things I'm awful thankful for at the moment.
The fine folks over at Kindertrauma, one of the world's most jaw-droppingly cool horror blogs, recently invited me to host an episode of their Friday tradition - Kindertrauma Funhouse.  As a big fan of both the blog and random horror puzzles, I'm extremely honored to have had this opportunity, and it was a lot of fun!   You can check out the game here, and of course check out Kindertrauma any time!  Big thanks to Unkle Lancifer and Aunt John for their support of FMWL!
In other outside ventures, near the end of October I participated in the Halloween Top 13 series of posts over at the fantastic blog The Lightning Bug's Lair!  Check out my contribution in which I rattle off 13 horror remakes I love (OK, maybe a few are more "kind of like"), and of course check out TL Bugg and the site in total!  Big thanks to him for the chance to contribute!
A big thanks has to go out to those who have provided FMWL with materials for review, whether they be books, trailers, or screeners!  Speaking of, don't forget that I've got a review coming up for Stephen Irwin's novel The Dead Path - which I recently gave away a copy of and can assure you is quite fantastic.  To those who have helped keep me in fresh material, thank you much!
Branching off from that, a thank you must be given to all the amazing independent filmmakers I've come across who have provided truly inspiring films. Among them are the Soska Twins of Twisted Twins productions, who will be releasing the trailer for their new film, American Mary on December 11at their official site.  I'm sure I'll be bringing it to you all as part of my new Indie Spotlight series!

(Speaking of our Indie Spotlight series, if you're an indie genre filmmaker who's out there looking for exposure, let me know and I'd be happy to cover your stuff!  Just grab our contact info of the side and let it rip!)

And naturally, I must give thanks for all the other blogs that have provided inspiration for me, and for you, our readers. I couldn't begin to name names without forgetting someone, but know that all of you have been a gift to me on a daily basis.  My primary goal at FMWL has always been to spread my love of genre and cult cinema, and having so many people appreciating these films and taking the time to read my thoughts has been a humbling and rewarding experience.  From the bottom of my Blob-loving heart, a big thanks to you all!

And with that out of the way...let the Thanksgiving Dance party begin!

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Anonymous said...

I'm thankful because The Mike's friends at wished The Masha a "happy bloody birthday"!! Thanks to The Mike, I am a much cooler Masha :)