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October 11, 2010

FMWL's Hammer Films Month Screen Grab Giveaway Challenge!

Ever since I started this little corner of webness, I've been incredibly proud of all the support I've gotten from all of you who read this darn thing.  But, with Hammer Films Month underway, I've come to the realization that a lot of people simply don't know Hammer Films as well as they could.  And this realization made me stop for a minute to ask myself a question.  I said to myself - "Self, how can you help your readers love Hammer more?"  And, like a giant ray of awesomeness, my self spoke back to me with the appropriate answer:


So, here's the plan.  Below are 40 screen grabs from 40 horror(ish) movies that I totally love.  Some of them are good, some of them are bad, some of them are famous, some of them are obscure - but all of them bring a smile to a guy named The Mike.  And I figure that the people who can name the most of these 40 movies should probably get themselves a prize that will help them love Hammer like I do.

The Rules: Send an email to frommidnightwithlove at gmail dot com (but, without the at and the dot and with a @ and a .) with your guesses as to the title of each film.  Make sure to clarify year if you think it's a film with multiple versions, because I haven't perfected my mind reading skills yet.  I will be giving prizes to the top TWO title namers.  (In the event of a tie between two folks who got the same amount of titles right, prizes will go to the FIRST person to get their entry in.  So, time AND accuracy are muy importante.)

(Also, please don't post answers in the comments below.  They will be deleted, and you will be ineligible to receive prizes.  PLAY NICE!)

The Prizes:  The Runner-Up (aka: Second Place; aka: The First Loser) will receive.......
Warner Brothers' Four Film Favorites DRACULA collection, featuring FOUR! Hammer flicks that star Christopher Lee as Dracula!
The WINNER (aka: Numero Uno; aka: The Grand Poobah) will receive the same prize as the Runner-Up.  PLUS the winner will receive......
Universal's Hammer Horror Series DVD set, including a whopping EIGHT Hammer flicks!
That's TWELVE fabulous Hammer Horror Films to the Winner, FOUR marvelous Christopher Lee Draculas to the first loser....and all you have to do is NAME THESE HORROR(ish) MOVIES!!!!!!!

(Also, all prizes are in the form of US released Region One DVDs, so apologies to those outside of The U.S. and Canada.  You can play if you want, but I can't promise these prizes to y'all.  THE MIKE STILL LOVES YOU!)

As an annoying professional wrestler would say (Seriously, how many times did they let this guy beat The Rock?  REALLY???) - TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!

Number 1!
Number 2!
Number 3!
Number 4!
Number 5!
Number 6!
Number 7!
Number 8!
Number 9!
Number 10!
Number 11!
Number 12!
Number 13!
Number 14!
Number 15!
Number 16!
Number 17!
Number 18!
Number 19!
Number 20!
Number 21!
Number 22!
Number 23!
Number 24!
Number 25!
Number 26!
Number 27!
Number 28!
Number 29!
Number 30!
Number 31!
Number 32!
Number 33!
Number 34!
Number 35!
Number 36!
Number 37!
Number 38!
Number 39!
Number 40!
There they are!  I tried to make the more obscure films easier and the more known films harder - for the most part - but I'm not gonna make it easy for you!  Get your responses in by Friday October 22nd, whence the contest will end!  And come back in the meantime for more Hammer Films Month posts!!!!!

(Oh, and I just MIGHT be giving away some hints on FMWL's Facebook page over the next couple of weeks, so you just MIGHT have a better chance at winnin' if you sign up over there.)


stonerphonic said...

go 28 and 35 dude.... o_O

my captcha on this comment = quita

which i won't be doing... hehehe

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have indeed given us a challenge, I know a few of them right off the bat, but others may take some work...sheesh.
Those are great prizes though!
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum