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September 30, 2010

Love Horror? Hate Cancer? Fright-Rags Has Something For You...

If you don't know of Fright-Rags, the New York based company making some of the coolest horror shirts in the history of mankind, you're severely missing out.  They're a fine group of folks who love what they do, and by all accounts do it well.  I hear that some of them love Halloween 5, which disappoints me, but I can let that slide.

Especially today.  Today, I received an email from Fright-Rags' "Guru of Gore-wear", Ben, who relayed the message that his site is offering a new shirt tomorrow.  This shirt, given the name 'We Belong Alive", is being released in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The shirt is designed to raise awareness, but also to benefit those who suffer.  In fact, all proceeds from sales of the shirt, pictured below, will go to a friend of Ben's who is battling breast cancer and the costs that come with it.
While I'm often prone to rambling, but this is a cause that hits home for me, so I'm gonna just keep this simple.  If you'd like to offer your support to those who suffer, plus the people who love them, this shirt's for you.

The shirt can be purchased here, as of 10 AM EST on 9/1/10. 

(And, they have a lot of other awesome shirts too, BTW.)

1 comment:

stonerphonic said...

Who doesn't like horror shirts?
And boobies?
And horror shirts WITH boobies?

Especially in light of such a good cause.

Hope the F'Rags sell a million....